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Bring Harmony to Your Home With Feng Shui

Originating in China over 3,000 years ago, feng shui is an ancient…

Is Buyer Fatigue Striking Silicon Valley?

After years of low inventory and battling against multiple offers…
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How to Make Moving With Children as Painless as Possible

Are you packing up your family and transitioning into a new home?…
moving after losing a loved one

Moving On and Moving Out After the Loss of a Loved One

There are many reasons someone might move to a new home and/or…
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Impact of Proposed Tax Plan on Real Estate

The House and Senate recently approved versions of President…

Whatever You Do - Don't Skip the Home Inspection!

The home-buying process can be long and arduous at times, especially…
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Downsizing For Seniors: How To Get Through It As Smoothly As Possible

Downsizing is often a necessary experience for seniors, but it…
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Moving with Pets

Moving to a new home can be stressful on your pets, but there…
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The Growing Connection Between Food & Home Values

Location, location, location. The three primary attributes that…
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4 Ways Big Data is Changing Real Estate

As defined by SAS, big data is an expression describing the sizeable…
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The Starbucks Effect: An Increase in Home Values

We have all heard about the three most critical things in buying…
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San Jose and San Francisco ranks as one of the most expensive metro markets

"The national median price of single-family homes posted its…