What Goes Where: Recycling Tips

Most of us know the basics: glass, paper, and cans go in the…

Wabi-Sabi & Home Décor

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Smart Home Products for Pets

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Smart Garden Gadgets

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Luxury Home Design Trends for 2017: Part 2

In January, we shared four of the top luxury home trends that…
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Securing Mobile Devices

Throughout the Silicon Valley and beyond, people are using smartphones…

Stanford Professor Builds Custom, Prefab Green Home

Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Mark Jacobsen is…
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Wire-Free Charging Technology

We all rely heavily on our mobile devices to keep us connected…
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How Virtual Reality Will Change Real Estate

Advancements in the technological revolution of virtual and augmented…
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Are We Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

Technology is going to transform personal transportation over…
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Smart Home Trend: Tile

The average person misplaces about 3,000 items every year and…