Staging Your Home Brings Higher Price

One of the key ways your realtor may market your home is through professional staging. By showcasing its spaces and architectural features while also allowing buyers to visualize the property as their own, staging impacts potential buyers’ perceived value of the home. A worthwhile investment, staging your home brings a higher price.

The process of readying a home for sale used to entail giving the owners advice on decluttering, depersonalizing and furniture placement. During the past 10 years, staging has evolved and exploded into a viable business as agents discovered having a property professional staged can increase the sale price from 4% to 5%.

Creating a mood that evokes an emotional response, staging encourages potential buyers to walk through the entire house, enabling them to envision the property’s possibilities and potential. Much more than simply decorating, staging provides a sense of scale and perspective, presenting the home as its very best. Professional stagers are able to provide an unbiased assessment of a house and prepare a plan to appeal to the buying demographic.

Cable channels the likes of HGTV have impacted the popularity of staging with their television shows that focus on buying, flipping and selling properties, educating both buyers and sellers on the value of highlighting a home’s features. Staging depersonalizes a house, enhancing the ‘spirit’ of the property, which allows sellers to detach from the emotional aspect of selling their home while simultaneously creating an emotional attachment to the home for potential buyers

Many agents have established relationships with stagers to transform a house into a‘ dream home’ using furniture, original artwork and a discerning eye. Some will even pay for staging because they realize the return on investment for this marketing strategy is definitely worthwhile.

The living room, kitchen, Master Suite and dining rooms are the most important to stage, with bathrooms, children’s bedrooms and guest bedrooms having slightly less of an influence. The average cost for staging a house runs between $2,000 and $3,000 but can be significantly more for estates.

49% of Realtors state that the majority of their buyers are positively affected by a well-staged home. 81% of buyers claim staging makes it easier for them to see the house as their future home and 45% view the home with a higher value when it’s decorated to their taste. 28% of buyers state they are willing to overlook property faults if the home presents well.

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, staging is an important aspect to perceived value and ultimately the sale price of a home.