Cupertino has a dynamic housing market, exceptional schools, plentiful recreational activities, and a vigorous technology business base. In fact, the town has been acknowledged by Forbes Magazine as “one of the most educated small towns” and ranked 7th in Money Magazine’s 2012 “Best Places to Live, America’s Best Small Towns” list.

Cupertino has copious green space. Blackberry Farm offers a native habitat for a variety of trees and wildlife. There are bocce and horseshoe courts, picnic areas, a pool, as well as a 9-hole golf course. McClellan Ranch Preserve is a thriving 18-acre natural sanctuary with a very popular organic community garden. Previously a horse ranch in the 1930s and 40s, many of the original buildings still stand.

Though Cupertino doesn’t have a ‘proper’ downtown, it does have numerous shopping and dining options along De Anza and Stevens Creek Boulevards.

Over 60 high-tech companies have offices in Cupertino, most notably, Apple, Inc.

Cupertino is renowned for its high achieving elementary and middle schools. High schools fall under the Fremont Union High School District. De Anza College was founded in 1967 on the former site of the Beaulieu Winery. The campus includes the Fujitsu Planetarium, one of the most modern in the world, and The Flint Center for the Performing Arts. The campus hosts a monthly Flea Market as a means to raise funds for the student body.

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