Welcome to the city of Palo Alto. As the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is known for it’s education and technology. Anchored by Stanford’s founding in 1894, Palo Alto boasts the university’s legacy of innovation, education, the arts, and is considered one of the most sought-after cities in which to live.

Palo Alto has a diverse section of home styles and neighborhoods with a range in prices. However, buying a house can be competitive.

With over 30 parks along with a plethora of community events, Palo Alto truly has much to offer anyone. Mild and agreeable weather allows outdoor adventures year round.

Downtown University Avenue boasts world-class restaurants and a lively nightlife. The Stanford Shopping Center is a beautiful outdoor mall with an upscale twist. Families love the Junior Museum and Zoo, and for those who enjoy the outdoors the Baylands is great for cycling, bird watching, or bay side trails.

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