Thank you for visiting Negotiate Like a Tiger which explains how to sell your property for the Highest Possible Price and how to interview and select your next Real Estate Agent!

The goal of The Dawn Thomas Team is always to achieve the Highest Possible Price for sellers. One of Dawn’s favorite sayings is, “The power in negotiations is in the ability to walk away…the skill is never having to!”  Negotiations are an art form that are learned and only mastered through experience. When selling your property, don’t entrust your equity to someone who says they know how to negotiate. Watch Silicon Valley and Beyond TV’s short video on Negotiations!

We at The Dawn Thomas Team, Real Estate Agents with Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty in Los Altos, love it when our clients say that we have the skills to “negotiate like a tiger” or that we are the “tiger they want in their corner” when they sell their property with us or we negotiate a purchase of a home.   It’s one of the best compliments we could receive as real estate agents!

It’s Dawn Thomas’s personal and business philosophy to never represent the buyer and the seller on the same property. Only by doing so, can she negotiate the best possible real estate transaction for her clients – and Dawn is skilled at getting what clients want – the Highest Possible Price!

Selling a home is one of the biggest sales you’ll make in your lifetime. When deciding who is going to help you with such an crucial transaction, it’s important to assess the skills and background of the individual that’s going to guide you through the process. To assist you in making the correct decision, The Dawn Thomas Team of Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty has created 12 questions to ask a Listing Agent. After you review the list, ask yourself:

Can my Real Estate Agent negotiate like a tiger
on my behalf?

If the answer is not “YES” – run!